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How To Make Money Online By Blogging – The New Way To Make Money From Posting On Social Media


How great would it be if you were to get paid to use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Question is, why don’t you?

Well, that’s what Dan Larimer and Ned Scott asked themselves one day. These two guys are the co founders of Steemit.


What Is Steemit?

stencil-blog-post-image-1Steemit is a “blockchain-based social media platform where anyone can earn rewards” Empowering people to earn money by posting valuable content for the Steemit community and being paid with Steem.

Steem is a cryptocurrency which can be sold for Bitcoin, which can be sold for fiat currency.

It’s kinda a mixture of a regular social media platform and a blogging website.


How Do I Earn Rewards?

Great question, there was several ways you can earn “rewards”:

Posting Rewards: Create valuable content and earn Steem when upvoted by others. The more popular the content, the more you get rewarded.

Curation Rewards: Being the first person to upvote a popular post

Savings Rewards: Paid in Steem Dollars bringing stability to you

Commitment Rewards: By being committed to the platform long term

Mining Rewards: By joining the network and validating transactions

Market Maker Rewards: FREE Steem/SBD (Steem Dollars)  that pays you to trade


In my experience, the more you post the more followers you will get.

Quality Content + More Followers = More Upvotes

More Upvotes = More Rewards


This is not a great rich quick scheme. It will take time and effort in creating interesting valuable content so stick with it and you will be rewarded.

You can literally make a business out of blogging from home.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as simple as writing some random piece of content, upload it onto the Steemit platform and you will be earning thousands of pounds/dollars per month. Yes this is absolutely achievable however there are so many variables to attracting upvotes and followers.

That’s why a friend of mine (Chris Coney) has created a course called “The Complete Steemit Course – Create Content and Earn Rewards” He has broken the course down into 14 units from how to create an account to creating your masterpiece and making it more attractive to readers.

He is the person who introduced me to Steemit. He has created many online courses and has a daily podcast educating people on cryptocurrency, including how to use it and why it is so important. 


Chris’s details are as follows:





I hope you have found this post helpful, I post on Steemit several times a week and I am slowly beginning to build up upvotes, followers etc.

So please follow and upvote my posts on Steemit


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