This is the third installment of the Planting Magical Seeds For An Abundant Harvest Series. (My 2017 Intentions + My Travel Bucket List) and from the feedback I have received, people have loved my intentions but are unsure on how to set theirs.


The key to manifesting what your heart desires is by setting intentions. Intentions are things you would love to manifest in your life, it could be a PLP (Positive Life Partner, a term given to me by my coach), a dream job, to be more connected to the divine, to attract money to provide for your family, to buy a new car, the travel and explore the world. It’s really up to you.

Intention vs Goal

There is no need to over complicate it, quite simply:

An intention comes from the heart. The heart deals with feelings and intuition.
A goal comes from the mind. It deals in logic and numbers.

Why I Set Intentions and Not Goals

Goals are timed and when you set a time to something, the day after you don’t achieve it you start beating yourself up and telling yourself why you are worthless. This is not an empowering position to be in. It has disrupted your vibration and pushed what you want further out of reach. (do not grasp. Grasping is bad as it has an element of neediness).

So What Do You Want?

Many people know what they don’t want but not always what they do want and that’s great. You have a starting point.

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Once you know what you want to manifest you can now set your intentions …

So begin each intention with:

“ I intend to ….”
“ I love the thought of …. ”
“ It excites me when ….”

Make sure that each intention is positive and truly comes from the heart, no matter what it is. A positive vibration is SO much more powerful than a negative one.
Make them flexible, throughout your life you will evolve, especially if you are on your spiritual journey. So as you evolve, review and maybe adapt your intentions.
Take actions that will bring you closer to your intention. Many people get the whole law of attraction/manifesting thing wrong, thinking that all you have to do is set the intention and wait for the universe to bring it to you. You may even realise that the intention you set isn’t what you want anymore.
Don’t put a date/time you wish to achieve your intention, that is a goal. You will attract your intention when you are in vibrational alignment.
Trust the universe will bring you exactly what you want. Remember, you wouldn’t place an order from say BooHoo (for example), then 8 hours later be angry that your order hasn’t arrived.

Five of my intentions are:

I intend to ….
💌 …. Meditate daily, to become more peaceful and have a deeper connection with the universe.

💌 …. Exercise several times a week. I love the thought of wearing summer dresses and feeling confident no matter what I choose to wear. I love that I have beautiful sexy curves in all the right places. I love the thought of having plenty of energy and being able to run 20 mins non stop.

💌 …. Create deep connections with other by stepping outside my comfort zone and start meeting new friends. I love the thought of having girlie nights in, talking about the universe, law of attraction, and other lifes’ amazing questions. Having friends who empower me and offer support during times of need.

💌 …. Sell my apartment close to the asking price and finding/living in our dream home, with a garage and a big garden for Boo (my dog). It excites me at the thought of coming home after a long day at work and chilling in the garden with a glass of ice cold Pepsi Max and playing in the garden with Boo.

💌 …. Earn enough to replace the income earned in my “day job”. I love the thought of not having to worry about money and have the time freedom to choose how I spend my days and with whom.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

♥ Please share what your 2017 intentions are, I’d love to hear them and support you on your journey ♥


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