We live in a world where there are very few role models for young women. The likes of Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian really “let the side down”. Behaving promiscuous and acting like a tramp on live TV (Miley Cyrus) is now deemed acceptable. Come on, what was that performance with Robin Thicke? There are children watching you girl! What happened to that beautiful girl? Like it or not you have an unspoken agreement where celebrities have a duty of care to their fans.



Children need strong role models like Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton and Oprah Winfrey who will show girls how to be women, how to love, honour and respect themselves when others don’t and to show what a well balanced human being looks like. That we aren’t perfect but that’s ok, as long as you are trying to be better than you were yesterday.



Which is why these YouTubers will hundreds of thousands/millions of subscribers who just post BS material that will only make children even more insecure about themselves by giving them a distorted view of the world. They have a huge impact on their vulnerable and impressionable followers, so they really need to be aware of what they are choosing to show in their videos. I’m not saying that they aren’t allowed an opinion, I’m all for free speech, however, if you do have such a large following and then choose to publicly give an outrageous view or opinion, make sure it is well researched, giving the children of today both sides of the story, not propaganda.


I’d be shot down by asking how does Casey Neistat’s content impact or change the world? He has 6,532,912 subscribers and what does he post about? He dicks around with a drone and uploads that on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, he is moderately entertaining and is pretty much harmless however he needs to be careful with his words. His main channel Casey Neistat is primarily for “entertainment” purposes, but the buffoon thinks he has enough clout to upload a video called “who I’m voting for president”, sorry Casey, but no one has come to your channel because of your political or world views. Set up another channel if you want to be taken seriously. A joker in the pack will never be a king.



Zoella has openly admitted that she suffers with anxiety, and every 4 years or so, when you think she needs to throw a bit of authenticity in there she’ll write a blog post or publish a video called “My Anxiety Update”. She has 11,595,879 subscribers and I guess most of them are below the age of 25. I’d love it if she were to do an anxiety series, but sadly, that doesn’t get enough views, likes and subscribers and I guess that what is more important. I don’t blame her, we live in a society where the number of views, likes and subscribers has wrongfully been linked with our value and self worth.



No matter what your circumstances are, there is always someone much worse off than you, these are the people who need strong male and female role models, therefore, I ask all you men and women out there are you willing to be the best version of you, to help and guide the children of today and mold them into strong, independent thinking individuals, whose value exceeds how many likes a selfie can get.

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